Incoming Orders - brand new

As a full-service provider for all areas concerning intralogistics, we receive an extremely wide variety of orders. Be it an automated high-bay warehouse for pallets or boats, thanks to our long-standing experience and a solid background, the possibilities are virtually endless for LTW in terms of the planning and implementation of projects. You can read more about our brand new orders here. Planning your own warehouse and need help? Feel free to contact us directly.


Haberkorn has expanded its company headquarters in Wolfurt to include a comprehensive logistics center. In the process, LTW was able to assert itself against competitors and distinguish itself as a full-service provider for internal material flow. A high-bay warehouse with 11,300 pallet storage locations in combination with an automatic small-parts warehouse for roughly 64,000 containers was built on the site. The material flow system with pallet and container conveyor technology stationed on several levels is connected to the respective stacker cranes.
The container conveyor technology at Haberkorn
Portrait of Christoph Winder, Management Board Haberkorn
Haberkorn GmbH
As a full-service provider for internal material flow processes, LTW Intralogistics has thoroughly impressed us with this project by providing outstanding quality, reliable implementation, and flawless service. We are proud of the joint result and would therefore like to thank all those involved in the project.

Christoph Winder, Management Board

New order

We are currently working on a high-bay warehouse for a well-known wood processing company in Germany. For one of the branches, we are currently planning a high-bay warehouse with two heavy-duty storage and retrieval machines, including the associated conveyor technology. As a component supplier, we are a part of the whole: from site management, to bringing in our equipment, to implementing the software.
Construction of a rack facade