With LTW LIOS, we have developed a new software family. What is the advantage for you? We constantly develop our modules and tools and can thus further optimize the flow of goods in your system. And with LTW LIOS Cockpit, we have created a new user interface that represents all parts of your system even better. This, in turn, has the advantage that you always have a view of all processes in your system and, thanks to the user-friendly operation, you do not have to complete a long training program. The best thing about LIOS? It is modular and includes all the functions needed to operate a logistics system.


LTW LIOS features a range of modules and extensions.

LTW LIOS features a range of modules and extensions.

The core elements are the LTW LIOS Warehouse Management System (WMS), the LTW LIOS Material Flow System (MFS) and the LTW LIOS Cockpit. The core modules are working in the background to keep your warehouse fully under control.

Regardless of whether this is to increase productivity or minimize error rates. LTW LIOS knows the location of your goods at any time, as well as how to proceed to optimize the flow of goods.

LTW LIOS Cockpit

The new graphical user interface.

The new graphical user interface.

LTW LIOS Cockpit meets all expectations: It offers the user a full overview of all components at one glance, allowing them to concentrate fully on operating the system.

LTW LIOS Cockpit Use Case

LTW LIOS Cockpit offers a full overview of all components.

LTW LIOS Cockpit offers a full overview of all components.

Because the user interface is intuitive, your employees need no time-consuming training – operation is simple and self-explanatory. Increase the availability of your system through conclusive and fast troubleshooting.


Efficiency and safety on a new level: our new warehouse management system coordinates all processes within intralogistics systems and thus guarantees the perfect flow of materials.

The warehouse management system is a central element of every intralogistics system. It not only coordinates the fully automated processes, but also incorporates all the processes of the manual operators in the logistical flow of goods.

As the processes within an intralogistics system are very individual, we define specific algorithms with our customers and thus customise our LIOS WMS to the requirements of your company. In this way, we guarantee the perfect flow of your processes.

As an intelligent link, the LIOS WMS connects all areas of your intralogistics system – and thus significantly increases the overall productivity of your company.


LIOS stands for "LTW Intralogistics Operating System".

In principle, there is nothing standing in the way of this project - together with you, we will examine the feasibility and which modules are best suited for your system. Simply contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

LTW LIOS has various modules and extensions. The core elements are the LTW LIOS Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the LTW LIOS Material Flow System (MFS). The LTW LIOS Cockpit provides you with an optimal overview of your system. In addition, the new visualization is particularly user-friendly thanks to its intuitive operation.

Yes, we are also the right contact for you in this case. You probably know as well as we do how complex the material flow control of a system can be. Therefore, it makes the most sense for you to contact us directly with your request. Together, we will analyze the processes and provide you with comprehensive advice.

We are the Engineers of Flow - for us, standing still is a foreign word. And we live up to this claim in our product development as well. We are constantly working on expanding the Warehouse Management System - new modules are being developed and optimization and reporting functions are being generated.

To detect and resolve irregularities in your system even faster, we have connected LTW LIOS with our new digital service platform LTWcare. Thanks to demand-oriented support, the availability of the system is maintained at a consistently high level throughout the entire lifecycle of the system. Learn more about LTWcare at: