Over the years, we have evolved from a component supplier to a full-service provider. What has remained the same? The guaranteed quality of our products. What's new? Our experience allows us to go higher, faster, longer and heavier. We implement individual wishes and requirements for our customers, regardless of the industry. Being part of the Doppelmayr Group gives us complete flexibility. While almost all moving components are manufactured in the Doppelmayr halls, we can concentrate fully on planning, programming, assembly and commissioning.

Operation and Equipment

We keep our finger on the pulse and are constantly developing our products. All our components are equipped with proven, modular control technology. Robust and dirt-resistant designs, easy expansion options and long product life cycles ensure smooth operation. Thanks to our LIOS Cockpit, our customers always have an overview of all components. To make operation even easier, our systems can now be controlled not only via a stationary HMI, but also conveniently via a mobile tablet in the field.

Robuste und schmutzunempfindliche Ausführungen im großen Lagerraum mit vielen Regalen.

Ein Mann mit einem Tablet in der Hand steht vor einem Holzkasten

Manual operation is unavoidable in the event of a plant shutdown. Conventional HMIs are often cumbersome and complicated to use. That's why we have taken manual machine control to a new level with the LTW LIOS Mobile Operator. Now it is possible to conveniently control the entire system with a tablet. How is this possible? Thanks to the flexible connection at each control station, the manual operation area opens up in the LIOS Cockpit and you're ready to go. Safety first: Since work can only be performed at the respective operator station, the sophisticated safety concept always knows where the operator is physically located. In addition to mobile operation, the LIOS Cockpit provides a complete overview of the system at all times.

Eine hohe weiße Beförderungsmaschine

One of our most outstanding quality features? Manufacturing to ropeway standards and being part of the Doppelmayr Group! While almost all moving components are manufactured in the halls of the world market leader in ropeways, we can concentrate fully on the design of the system layout – and there are no limits to our creativity. Whether it's a stacker crane for 31 m long goods, for 18,000 kg containers or for boats – everything is possible for us, from standard pallet warehouses to heavy-duty giants. Not surprisingly, our components can be used in any industry: From the food industry and deep-freeze solutions to the automotive sector and the highly sensitive pharmaceutical industry. We can respond optimally to individual customer requirements.

Nahaufnahme einer Maschine mit einem Metallgriff

The advantages of our patented belt technology are easy to explain: long service life, short positioning time and maximum performance. Thanks to our dedicated development work, belts are replacing ropes as the lifting medium in more and more applications – and this puts us at the forefront of the market. Although belt technology has been used for years in small parts warehouses, we are already using belts in projects with goods weighing 18,000 kg. And the best thing about it? Our belt can still be used optimally at temperatures between –30°C and +60°C.

Fresenius Medical Care
The LTW stacker cranes have both a robust, rigid construction and impressive weight optimization. Every ton of steel saves energy later with every pallet movement. We were impressed by the manufacturing quality to ropeway standard within the Doppelmayr Group.

Rainer Reichelt, Logistics Planner

Hybrid Regalbediengerät im großen Lager mit vielen blauen Regalen

Hybrid stacker crane

Our stacker cranes can now also be equipped with energy storage (supercaps). What does this mean? Put simply, the energy storage system and the intelligent charge management system ensure that no energy is lost unused, but is completely reused. Not only does this save up to a third of the energy, but the supercaps also reduce the connected load by 80%.
Kommissioniertore direkt innerhalb des Hochregallagers an der Fahrgasse zu vollziehen

Order picking doors

With our patented order picking door system, we have created a safe and smooth way of carrying out order picking processes directly within the high-bay warehouse on the aisle. How does it work? The horizontally sliding gates separate the aisle of the stacker cranes and the picking area from each other. They only open when goods are moved from the storage area to the picking area.
Regalbediengeräte auf Schienen in einer große Lagerhalle

Switch technology

Our self-developed aisle changing mechanism does not require a transfer device, monitoring elements or complex maintenance. In addition, a few stacker cranes can cover large storage areas, which is a cost-efficient option if handling capacity is not the top priority. However, the biggest advantage of our switch technology is the fact that the use of multiple stacker cranes ensures redundant system operation.

Order picking doors

With our patented Picking Doors, we have created a safe and smooth way to perform picking operations directly in the aisle of the high-bay warehouse. The doors separate the aisle of the stacker cranes and the picking areas from each other and only open when goods are moving from the racking area to the picking area.

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Aisle-changing stacker crane

Our stacker cranes are available in aisle-bound and aisle-changing versions. Our self-developed aisle-changing mechanism does not require a transfer device, monitoring elements or complex maintenance. The use of several stacker cranes guarantees redundant system operation – thus ensuring the availability of your goods.

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Aisle-bound stacker crane

Like all our devices, our aisle-bound stacker crane is powerful and has a durable design. It also travels on a travel and guide rail and has a travel path limiter at the end of the aisle. The power is supplied via the conductor rail and has an integrated distance measuring system via barcode and/or laser measurement.



With the SCOTTY from LTW, maintenance work at heights of up to 45 m can be carried out safely and without great effort. The passenger elevator on the stacker crane "beams" the service technician up safely if work at height is unavoidable. This is particularly recommended for deep-freeze warehouses or high-bay warehouses with oxygen reduction.

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The rail system is a special alternative to continuous conveyor technology. Thanks to its mechanical design with tried-and-tested LTW components, the carry, like all our products, is low-maintenance and easy to service. The floor conveyor is also derailment and collision-proof. The use of several vehicles creates a redundant system.

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Transfer car

Thanks to the individually selectable total length of up to 100 meters, the transfer car is ideally suited as a connecting element. We are flexible in our choice of load handling equipment. It can be equipped with a friction wheel drive or belt drive and can be used both in warm temperatures and in deep-freeze areas.

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Vertical conveyor

Our vertical conveyor can not only be combined with a wide variety of load handling attachments, but its height is also virtually unlimited. It is also very space-saving and robust – even freezing temperatures are no problem for it. In addition, the built-in LTW belt technology enables maximum positioning accuracy without loss of time and reduces maintenance costs at the same time.

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  • Palettenfördertechnik - Förderbänder in einem Lagerhaus

    Pallet conveyor system

    We move your goods with millimeter precision. And one thing is quite clear: if you can handle containers, boats and wooden planks, you can of course also handle pallets. We would even go so far as to say that our established know-how in the pallet sector gives us the expertise to master special solutions with flying colors.

  • Behälterfördertechnik und viele blaue Plastikkisten auf Förderbändern

    Container conveyor system

    If you have goods that fit into smaller containers, the use of an automated small parts warehouse should not be underestimated. This is because it creates opportunities that a pallet warehouse cannot offer: It saves space, is efficient and highly dynamic. However, an automated small parts warehouse only works well if the connected container conveyor technology runs smoothly. You've come to the right place.

  • Reifenfördertechnik und ein Förderband vor einer orangenen Maschine

    Tire conveyor system

    Especially in the automotive industry, in many cases intralogistics is integrated into the production process. It is often the case that blanks are stored in the high-bay warehouse before being processed. Since the production steps here are quite complex, very complex conveyor technology is usually required to transport the blanks to the right place at the right time.

  • Schwerlastfördertechnik und ein großer Raum mit Regalen und gefalteten Kartons

    Heavy-duty conveyor system

    Thanks to our production at cable car giant Doppelmayr, there are virtually no limits to the design of our conveyor technology. As a result, we can offer our customers conveyor components that can transport containers weighing up to 18 tons (40,000 lb). So far, we have always found a tailor-made solution for our customers.