Order picking is probably one of the most complex and costly processes within the intralogistics chain. This is because it basically involves the manual or automatic compilation of goods for an order. There are many different types of picking, a basic distinction is made between "goods to person" and "person to goods". Depending on the circumstances within the intralogistics system, one or the other strategy, or a combination of both, may be the optimal solution for you. Let us work together to determine how we can optimize your process.

Picking station

In the "goods to person" picking strategy, there are fixed picking stations – regardless of whether they are containers, pallets or other load carriers – where the goods are automatically retrieved from the high-bay warehouse and automatically prepared for picking. With the "person to goods" strategy, the person in the automated warehouse reaches the goods through the picking tunnels, which are directly connected to the warehouse via our patented picking gates, and collects them with support (Pick by / to light, -voice). For both variants, we not only supply the right software to optimise order picking to the maximum, but also the right mobile devices.

Ein großes Lagerhaus gefüllt mit vielen Kartons und Ware

Order picking doors

If your goods flow or item structure is organised in such a way that "goods-to-person" picking is not efficient, we have just the right solution for you. With our patented order picking doors, the required goods are retrieved fully automatically at the locations defined by the strategy in the warehouse management system. And, of course, with the highest safety standards. Our order picking doors are also very low-maintenance. Mechanically, they are actually very simple, but we have not skimped on sophistication when it comes to the drive. Only one drive is required on the stacker crane per picking level. This saves not only the cost of a large number of additional drives, but also the complex cabling. Another advantage is the low weight of our doors, which can have a significant impact on the structural stability of the rack. In addition, it is possible to exchange the goods provided for other goods.

Kommissioniertore in einem langer, schmaler Gang mit mehreren Lagerräumen

Order Picking Doors

The LTW system for picking processes in the aisle of storage and retrieval machines is characterized by its safe operation combined with the necessary performance. The main focus here is on protecting the picking area from falling, crushing and shearing points in relation to the aisle of the stacker crane. Horizontally movable order picking doors integrated into the racking construction realize an area separation between automatic and manual handling.

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  • LTW LIOS - Ein 3D-Model mit der Aufschrift Lios

    LTW LIOS: Order picking

    Thanks to our intelligent LIOS intralogistics software, the processes in your warehouse will be even more efficient. In addition to a comprehensive warehouse management system with a forklift control system, our software also supports a wide range of picking solutions. We also supply suitable mobile devices. Whether it's a tablet that shows the route directly to the forklift driver or special devices for picking and packing staff in the e-commerce sector. We work with long-term partners who provide us with the latest components – customized for your application.