Are the goods ready for delivery? Then it's time to ship. In order to prepare for a smooth shipment, it is important that all previous steps, from receiving to picking, have worked smoothly and without errors. Shipping is the last step before the goods reach the customer. It is the final opportunity to verify that the correct goods are being shipped – automatically, if necessary.


Every step from receiving to transportation to warehousing to picking ends in shipping. It is important to note that all of these processes have a significant impact on shipping. The goal is for the customer to receive the right goods in the end. And this can only be achieved if all work steps have been carried out precisely. Shipping is about overcoming internal and external interfaces in an economically efficient manner while strictly adhering to delivery times. In addition, the goods must be properly packed and, if necessary, documents should be provided automatically, which is no challenge for our software. Before the goods are handed over to the forwarder, they are checked again automatically or manually to ensure that the right goods are in the right storage location before they are loaded.

Ein Lager mit mehreren Förderbändern und Paletten

Efficient route management

Sophisticated route management is absolutely essential, especially for companies that ship a lot of goods every day. Whether inside or outside the warehouse, short routes are always essential for an optimized intralogistics system. This also applies to the delivery of goods. This is why it is particularly important for shipping that the software not only specifies the optimal route, but also sends the goods to the picking point in the correct order so that they can be loaded correctly straight away.

Ein LKW wird mit einem Gabelstapler mit Kisten beladen
  • LTW LIOS - Ein 3D-Model mit der Aufschrift Lios

    LTW LIOS: Shipping

    With our LTW LIOS, preparing goods for dispatch is particularly easy. On the one hand, the software recognizes at which picking point the goods are to be prepared for shipping, and on the other, it plans the route management so that the goods are ready for collection in the correct order.