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Your career at LTW – let's aim high together!
Are you looking for an exciting job that offers variety and a career path with good prospects? Do you want to try something new? Are you feeling brave and are you a real team player? Then we have just the right position for you at LTW!
We offer our employees an exciting job in a future-proof field of work – with plenty of room to develop and make full use of your abilities.


What our employees say

Portrait of Lisa Maria Burtscher, Technical Documentation at LTW
LTW Intralogistics
LTW introduced me to the profession of "Technical Editing" – perfect for me, because I always wanted to combine creativity and technology. As I came from a totally different profession, LTW made it possible for me to train to become a technical editor. I was able to generate the topic of my project thesis from a current LTW project I was working on. The best thing about it was that I always had the support of my colleagues.

Lisa Maria Burtscher, Technical Documentation

Portrait von Christof Brunner, CEO LTW USA
LTW Intralogistics
LTW made it possible for me to gain valuable international experience in an innovative and expanding sector within a multinational company with a healthy corporate culture.

Christof Brunner, CEO LTW USA

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Portrait von Bernhard Peter, Deputy CEO / CTO
LTW Intralogistics
As a full-service provider for intralogistics, we depend on a committed team that thinks outside the box.

Bernhard Peter, Deputy CEO / CTO

Portrait of Konrad Eberle, CEO LTW
LTW Intralogistics
We look forward to having new employees who question the existing processes, contribute ideas, and broaden our horizons.

Konrad Eberle, CEO

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for Students and Pupils

You want to gain experience in the working world? Find out what interests you and in which areas you are excellent? You can apply for an internship with us from December 1 until the end of the semester break.
LTW Logo with the addition: Become an Enginner of Flow


LTW is THE point of contact for dissertations. Our highly trained specialists will provide you with extensive support during your project, and will always be available to offer help and advice – from identifying topics to submitting your thesis.
The internship was a great enrichment for us, as we were able to gain new experiences and get a first impression of the daily work as software developers at LTW. The company LTW became our thesis supervisor through a personal contact.

Simon K.

We are very satisfied with the overall result and have received a lot of positive feedback. The fact that the project will also be used in practice makes us very happy.

Adam Ö.

The cooperation with LTW was very pleasant and uncomplicated. All departments concerned participated in the design of the software and we constantly had the advice of a UX/UI designer and an experienced software developer at our disposal.

Lukas H.