Security vulnerability found?

Have you discovered a digital vulnerability in our products or on our website and are not sure what to do? It is very important to us that you notify us of any vulnerability and we ask for your help. Here is what you should do in such a situation.


Vulnerability identification
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Information security and data protection are top priorities for LTW Intralogistics GmbH. Both are essential to protect the data of our customers and their customers from unauthorized access. However, despite substantial investments in security and regular reviews of all standards, individual vulnerabilities cannot be ruled out.

Therefore, we ask that any person, company or organization that discovers a security-related error or vulnerability in any of our systems, networks, software or services notify us immediately. This will help us to more quickly initiate appropriate countermeasures and promptly correct the vulnerability.

We ask for help

If you find any security-related errors, please report them to us immediately. Send the information to Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can track down and fix the problem as quickly as possible. In most cases, it is sufficient to provide the IP address or URL of the affected system along with a description of the vulnerability or attack. More complex vulnerabilities may require additional explanation, which we may request from you.

We ask for descretion

Please do not exploit this vulnerability by downloading, manipulating, or deleting data! If you have downloaded confidential information by mistake, please delete it immediately! Please do not disclose the vulnerability to others until it is fixed!

Please do not attempt to breach the physical security of our facilities and systems, use social engineering attacks, or conduct distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

We promise

We take all reports of potential security vulnerabilities seriously and will investigate and fix them as quickly as possible. You will receive feedback from us within 72 hours of submitting your report and will be kept informed of our progress. As long as you follow the instructions above, no legal action will be taken against you. Your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared. Affected parties will be notified immediately.

Have you noticed something or is there a suspected case?

Please contact us at