Turnkey solutions from a single source

We focus on integrated turnkey solutions. We implement individual requests and requirements for our customers, regardless of the industry. As part of the Doppelmayr Group, we not only have the scope of a global player, but also the flexibility to concentrate 100% on the solution. Our in-house production is a decisive advantage: we manufacture, assemble, and program all components ourselves. As a result, our employees are intimately familiar with the products, enabling us to offer our customers a unique service at all times. Curious? Then keep scrolling and immerse yourself in the intralogistics world of LTW.


Whether it's food from the supermarket, medicine from the pharmacy, or a package from an online retailer, we're all used to having the things we need at our fingertips. To achieve this, we need reliable systems and a functioning supply chain. As a full-service provider for intralogistics, we ensure maximum availability in the transport and storage of goods.

Full-service provider

What does it mean to us to be a full-service provider for intralogistics? From consulting and conception to the provision of our products, the implementation of our software and the subsequent support by our service team – we have everything under control for you. Your expert consultant, implementer and advisor at your side.

  • Baustelle neben einer Autobahn mit Kränen und teilweise fertiggestellten Gebäuden vor bergiger Kulisse in der Abenddämmerung.

    We have the overiew

    As an expert in customized solutions, you get everything from a single source. When it comes to interface-free material flows, we are your ideal partner – not only worldwide, but also completely industry-neutral. With Doppelmayr in the background, there are virtually no limits to the implementation of your intralogistics solution: whether it's a pallet warehouse at –28°C (–18.4°F) or a container weighing 18,000 kg (40,000 lb).

  • Drei Fachleute diskutieren an einem Konferenztisch in einem modernen Büro.

    Everything according to plan

    We work with you to develop a concept. You tell us your requirements and we design the optimal flow of goods for you. It doesn't matter if the goods are particularly fragile, long or heavy. We always find the perfect solution - from high-bay warehouses for industrial transport units to complex material handling systems. We will be with you from the start, using our experience to advice you until we have found the optimum system layout.

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    Life cycle

    As a full-service provider, we are at your side as an expert advisor, implementer, and consultant: from designing the system layout and implementing our products to our clever software that networks your entire warehouse. And even after your system is up and running, our expert service team is here to help, not only in the event of a malfunction, but also with a wide range of services such as training, spare parts supply, maintenance and retrofitting. You see, you are in the best hands.

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    Intralogistics solutions

    Benefit from our customized solutions for your individual needs and requirements. Whether your goods are particularly sensitive, long or heavy, it makes no difference to us. From standardized high-bay warehouses for pallets to complex material handling systems, from automated small parts warehouses to heavy-duty giants, from deep-freeze warehouses to performance specialists – we will always find a tailor-made solution for you. Regardless of the industry.


We provide the products you need to make your project a reality. Our portfolio ranges from storage and retrieval machines to complete automated intralogistics systems. By the way: As a member of the Doppelmayr Group, our products such as storage and retrieval machines, transfer carriages and vertical conveyors comply with the ropeway standard. Under warranty.

LTW Components
Automatisiertes Hochregallagersystem für logistische Effizienz.
LTW Intralogistics
In line with current trend, customers are increasingly looking for more complete solutions from one reliable and capable partner for the complete task. And this is exactly what we provide.

Konrad Eberle, CEO

Portrait of Christoph Leopold, COO LTW
LTW Intralogistics
We live the motto “intralogistics from a single source”: Our project managers take over the coordination of the internal departments involved as well as the open and solution-oriented communication with the customer up to the interface coordination on the construction site.

Christoph Leopold, COO

LTW Intralogistics Operating System

The software is seen as the heart of every intralogistics system – with perfectly coordinated software, a smooth flow of materials becomes possible. That’s why we combine sophisticated logistics software with modules that are individually tailored to the customer’s expectations. With LTW LIOS we developed a brand-new intralogistics software solution that elevates the interaction between hardware and software to a whole new level.


Industrieanlage mit Förderbandanlage und digitaler Überwachungsanzeige.

Where it all begins: Receiving is the first stop. Incoming goods are unloaded from the truck and the contents are checked for accuracy. Once the contents have been identified, the goods are entered into the system either automatically via barcode or manually before being stored. Important decisions about the required storage strategy must be made at the first stop.

Ein Paket bewegt sich schnell auf einem Förderband in einem modernen Distributionszentrum.

Our complete solutions provide a smooth process from receiving to shipping. With our conveyor technology, you get a complete intralogistics system, including the automation technology to connect the stacker cranes to the material flow. We implement individual transport solutions for our customers, from continuous conveyors to transfer carts and vertical conveyors to floor conveyors. We have developed the right software to manage and control both manual and automated transport.

Automatisiertes Lager mit Roboterregalen und industriellem Lagersystem.

Large or small, heavy or light, we can store almost anything for you. Whether your goods are stored in containers, on pallets or on special load carriers. Thanks to our strong production in the background, we will find the optimum solution for you. The most important thing? That we choose the best storage strategy for you and make your storage as efficient as possible. We take into account the various storage strategies, such as FIFO or FEFO, and can also assist you in all matters relating to stocktaking.

Hand trägt einen schwarzen Handschuh mit einem orangefarbenen elektronischen Scangerät und scannt einen Barcode.

Order picking is probably one of the most complex and costly processes within the intralogistics chain. This is because it basically involves the manual or automatic compilation of goods for an order. There are many different types of picking, whereby a basic distinction is made between "goods to person" and "person to goods". Depending on the circumstances within the intralogistics system, one or the other strategy, or a combination of both, may be the optimum solution for you. Let us work together to determine how we can optimize your processes.

Ein Teil des Palettenlagers

Are the goods ready for delivery? Then it's time for shipping. In order to prepare for a smooth shipment, it is important that all previous steps, from receiving to picking, have worked smoothly and without errors. Shipping is the last step before the goods reach the customer. This is the last opportunity to check whether the correct goods are being dispatched – automatically if necessary.