Our complete solutions provide a smooth process from receiving to shipping. With our conveyor technology, you get a complete intralogistics system, including the automation technology for connecting the stacker cranes to the material flow. We implement individual transport solutions for our customers, from continuous conveyors to transfer carts and vertical conveyors to floor conveyors. We have developed the right software to manage and control both manual and automated transport.

Conveyor system

As the link between incoming and outgoing goods and the high-bay warehouse, conveyor systems play a very special role. They are responsible for ensuring that goods are in the right place at the right time – in other words, they are largely responsible for internal material flow. Thanks to our production according to ropeway standards, our products such as the Carry floor conveyor, transfer cars and vertical conveyors are particularly high-quality and flexible in their design: our Carry is a special alternative to continuous conveyor technology, our transfer car can perfectly connect areas thanks to its total length of up to 100 meters and our vertical conveyor knows no upper limits, to name just a few examples. Of course, we also offer classics such as roller conveyors and chain conveyors.

Ein Lagerhaus gefüllt mit vielen Kisten und Maschinen
  • Die einschienige Bodenbahn Carry


    The single-rail floor conveyor Carry is a special alternative to continuous conveyor technology. Thanks to its mechanical design with proven LTW components, the Carry, like all our products, is low-maintenance and easy to service. The rail system is also derailment and collision-proof. The use of multiple vehicles creates a redundant system that can be expanded at any time to meet performance requirements.

  • Große Maschine in einem Lagerhaus mit vielen blauen Rohren

    Transfer car

    With a customizable total length of up to 100 meters, the transfer car is ideal as a connecting element. We are flexible in our choice of load handling equipment. It can be equipped with a friction wheel drive or belt drive and can be used both in warm temperatures and in deep-freeze areas.

  • Eine Maschine in einer Fabrik mit unscharfem Hintergrund

    Vertical conveyor

    Not only can our vertical conveyor be combined with a variety of load handling attachments, its height is virtually unlimited. It is also very space-saving and robust – even freezing temperatures are no challenge. In addition, the integrated LTW belt technology enables maximum positioning accuracy without loss of time and reduces maintenance costs at the same time.

Connection of external trades

Not only can we manage and control our own components, but we can also easily integrate external trades into the material flow. This is particularly attractive when driverless transport systems, so-called AMR (autonomous mobile robots), are used. Of course, our software plays a central role in integrating such systems into the flow of goods. Thanks to our intelligent warehouse networking, AMRs always know where they need to go and find the right place.

Eine große Maschine, die Kartons bewegt
  • LTW LIOS - Ein 3D-Model mit der Aufschrift Lios

    LTW LIOS: Conveying

    In materials handling, the reliability of the equipment is as important as the software in the background that controls the material flow. There are usually many interfaces to overcome between the individual trades. When it comes to managing and controlling both manual and automated transport, we are the professionals. It doesn't matter whether it's a matter of replenishment for production or finishing, for example. With an optimized control system in the background, processes can be automated with ease.