Competent, friendly, and fast – our Customer Care Center is your expert point of contact in all matters concerning the entire LTW product portfolio. Our experienced staff are there for you, and happy to advise you through all our information channels – in person, by phone, and online too, of course. Do you need on-site support? No problem – our field service technicians are also happy to help.


Customer Care Center Organization Structure

LTW care
the digital service platform

Even better service – with LTWcare, we can ensure customized service throughout the entire life cycle of your system. The maximum performance capacity and availability of the entire system play a central role here, and provide a sound basis for targeted and efficient support. LTWcare includes a wide range of service products from a TÜV-certified remote connection with the highest security standards and an innovative ticket system with state-of-the-art communication options, through proactive maintenance requirements.

Discover LTWcare
  • LTWcare Certconnect

    IT security is a top priority. LTWcare Certconnect is a TÜViT certified remote connection with the latest IT security technology.

    LTWcare Certconnect
  • LTWcare Console

    Save time and money with LTWcare Console. This guarantees a structured and highly efficient service process between our customers and LTW.

    LTWcare Console
  • LTWcare Conference Center

    Communication should be simple and straightforward, so you can focus on what‘s really important: finding quick and efficient solutions.

    LTWcare Conference Center
  • LTWcare Diagnostics

    Innovative. Smart. Predictive. That’s LTWcare Diagnostics.

    LTWcare Diagnostics
  • LTWcare App

    Keep track of everything and stay informed. Anywhere, anytime! That‘s the LTWcare App.

    LTWcare App
  • LTWcare Spare Parts Agent

    Receive the parts you need in a fast and secure way with the highly innovative software design the LTWcare Spare Parts Agent offers.

    LTWcare Spare Parts Agent
  • LTWcare Analytics Report

    With LTWcare Analytics Report you are always informed and up-to-date.

    LTWcare Analytics Report
  • LTWcare Content

    With LTWcare Analytics Report you are always informed and up-to-date.

    LTWcare Content
  • LTWcare Connected Life Service

    Maximize your system availability. LTWcare Connected Life Service offers the ideal plan for machine maintenance.

    LTWcare Connected Life Service
LTW Intralogistics
As a full-service provider, LTW is a reliable partner who will be there to support you, even when your order is completed and accepted – whatever the time of day.

Thomas Narbeshuber, Business Unit Manager Service


Minimum intervention, maximum effect – a retrofit by LTW retains the stable basic substance of your installations and systems, at the same time as significantly increasing their life span. Thanks to the many years of experience accumulated from more than 550 completed retrofitting projects, LTW covers the entire modernization and upgrading performance spectrum. As a full-service provider, we can assist you with all aspects of your retrofit project – from consulting and project planning to engineering and after-sales support.

Control cabinet of stacker crane which is getting old

If a material flow system is getting a bit long in the tooth, routine servicing is often insufficient to ensure perfect operation. The system is more prone to failure and spare parts are no longer available on the market. Plus, if the system is also no longer state-of-the-art and component manufacturers no longer offer support. The consequences of all this are often a reduced handling capacity and less economic efficiency. The best and most cost-effective solution here can be a retrofit, building on the basic substance of the system.

Component replacement on trades

From beginning to end – the retrofit team is the point of contact for all your needs, throughout the entire project. It all starts with an as-is analysis and project planning. Not only do we replace components, we also offer complete system refurbishment if desired – regardless of whether third-party installations or LTW systems are involved. The aim is to restore performance to the level of a new installation through customized system modernization, with minimal interruption to business operations.

We start with the as-is analysis. The retrofit team checks the status of your existing system on-site, as well as using internal documents to search for possible sources of error. The customer then receives a comprehensive report and advice on how to proceed. When planning the project, we always pay special attention to the cost/benefit gains. As the high-bay warehouse is a central interface in many companies, the availability of the intralogistics is a top priority – so the implementation often runs in stages, while operation is ongoing, to keep downtime to a minimum.

Consten benefit of a retrofit shown in a graph

The result of any system modernization is better availability – but you should never lose sight of the cost. A retrofit by LTW guarantees a reduction of your maintenance costs, ensures that replacement parts are available, and implements new technological functions. Functional reliability is sure to increase and sources of error are minimized. Now that you have a remote diagnostic option, fewer call-outs are required to your site – something else that saves you money.


Upgrading the old logistics IT to the current state-of-the-art boosts functionality for system operators. For instance, adjustments are made to identification solutions (barcode readers, RFID), order picking solutions are introduced, and operating systems, database servers, and the installed software are upgraded. Also not to be forgotten is the positive effect this has on the future maintenance unit – the flow of data is continuous, thanks to the new monitoring and evaluating tool.

After Sales

A major challenge in support and maintenance is the provision of spare parts. But here, too, LTW is in an excellent position. We offer you spare parts supplies for in-house and third-party trades. If you want to be on the safe side, we will be happy to put together plant-specific spare parts packages to ensure access as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can also order conveniently from our digital spare parts catalog - as it visually depicts all plant components, selection is particularly easy.


In modern highly automated high-bay warehouses, only a few people move around - but they are the ones who matter! To ensure smooth operation of the automated systems, we equip you with the necessary know-how. In training courses and training units specially tailored to your needs, our trained specialists will teach you everything you need to know about your complete logistics solution in a transparent and comprehensible manner - on request, these can take place on site or at our headquarters in Wolfurt.