Refurbishment of LTW headquarters

Our headquarters is being completely renovated.
Do you remember that we moved not so long ago? That's because our headquarters in Wolfurt is being completely renovated, with the exception of our document warehouse and the two stairwells. The renovated building will not only be a real eye-catcher. We are also moving with the times in terms of equipment and technology. With the environment in mind, we are upgrading properly: PV system, new heating system with heat pump, new ventilation system, just to name a few interesting points. In addition to new furniture and modern kitchenettes on each floor, our so-called "Cafe Oskar" has been given a very special place. This much we can reveal: The view will be unique. Are you excited about what it will look like? At the moment, it's hard to imagine when you look at the construction site. We'll keep you up to date.