Wooden rack

There are only 16 wooden rack in silo construction worldwide, and we have been involved in three projects. But when does a wooden shelf make sense? So far, we have used it at our customers Salinen Austria (salt production), Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach (packaging manufacturer) and Josera Tierernährung. And for a variety of reasons: Sometimes steel was out of the question because of the corrosive atmosphere, sometimes wood was chosen because of the faster installation, or the sustainability aspect was decisive. What is clear, however, is that a wooden shelf is not suitable for every application. Nevertheless, it can be a very attractive alternative – especially if the sustainability aspect is not neglected. Our colleague from product management Michael Schedler gave an exciting presentation at TU Graz on the topic "Wooden racks in silo construction – a practical experience report". Would you like to learn more about our unique wood solutions? Then read more in our references: https://www.ltw.at/en/references?requirement=wooden-rack