Ropeway Standard-Compliant for 125 Years

As the global market leader in ropeway construction, the Doppelmayr Group has rocketed to the top all over the world. In addition to the core business, the group also plans and produces tour ride infrastructure, material ropeways, high-bay warehouse systems, long-distance continuous conveyors, and cable liners. As part of the group in the field of intralogistics, LTW can rely on the excellent production quality that Doppelmayr is known for. The production of stacker cranes according to ropeway standards is one of the stand-out quality features of LTW.
Karl-Heinz Zündel, Produktionsleiter
Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH
Our production plants offer the ideal platform for all production requirements of the Doppelmayr Group. We produce high quality, be it ropeway, cable liner, or stacker crane. Our machinery is always state-of-the-art and our employees are always up to date with this technology

Karl-Heinz Zündel, Production Manager

Manufacturing Doppelmayr

When extremely narrow production tolerances provide for precise material handling even at a height of 40 meters, the famous ropeway standard-compliant production quality becomes apparent. You can count on the highest quality and safety standards, long-standing expertise, the sound knowledge of all our employees, and reliable machinery that is always state-of-the-art.

Hohe Brücke plant

At the "Hohe Brücke" plant, roughly 250 committed employees work in three shifts along with a number of trainees in an area covering over 24,000 m². Here they process more than 30,000 tons of steel a year. The staff ensures that high-quality, certified materials eventually become bespoke, warp-resistant components for LTW systems. Support is provided by more than 50 cranes on two levels.

Güterbahnhof plant

LTW products are finished at the "Güterbahnhof" plant. Each stacker crane, transfer car, vertical conveyor, etc., including electric and electronic components, is subject to an intensive test run prior to delivery to the customer. Only when all functions work perfectly are the devices ready to go and packaged for shipping, so they only need to be set up by the LTW team at the customer's site.

Gondola Grindelwald

Because we can move anything

Doppelmayr Holding SE offers its customers extremely wide-ranging expertise. However, all the companies have one thing in common: solutions are always customized and tailored to individual customer requirements.
In addition to rope-driven transport systems, the stacker crane sector with innovative solutions for intralogistics is also an important pillar of the group.