Seit 23 Jahren im Flow

Markus G. is an "old hand" at this game. He has been working as a software engineer at LTW for 23 years. The high level of respect and appreciation is mutual.


Software engineer Markus G. is responsible for software development and for material flow control, process planning, and process implementation at LTW. This varied range of tasks, especially the groundbreaking projects, have made quite an impression on the 43-year-old – because who else can claim to have written software for an automated high-bay warehouse that transports yachts worth up to half a million dollars. Sensational, according to Markus, who knows full well that "life is never boring at LTW!"
He has now spent 23 years with the company, and does not regret a single day. He started his career as an electrician in Assembly. He then spent the next five years in the "Control Technology" department, before switching to the "Software" department to complete his training and become a certified "software architect".
His current focus is on software development for material flow control. His main duties also include extensive process planning and implementation. System commissioning is also part of his "daily business", along with creating and checking internal and external specifications.

Markus G.
LTW Intralogistics
I appreciate that my job lets me work independently, and plan and organize my own daily routines. And I also enjoy the personal contact among colleagues and superiors.

Markus G., Software Engineer

Markus also arranges numerous staff and customer training sessions. He actively contributes to knowledge sharing in his own team, as well as with customers on-site – such as when a new system or a retrofit has to be implemented.
Markus appreciates the fact that his employer lets him organize, plan, and implement his daily work routine. The developer also particularly welcomes the sense of family, of togetherness, and being able to rely on colleagues.
When asked what he thought was LTW's greatest strength; the one thing above all that would score highly with customers, Markus does not hesitate: "Customized software solutions – we have a solution ready for almost every customer requirement." Exceptional projects that challenge you, as well as motivate you to always do your best – that's exactly what work should be.