Being an automation engineer at LTW

Having successfully completed five years of specialist "electrical engineering" training at HTL Bregenz, Rebecca can now bring her expertise directly to bear in her job as an automation engineer.


Project planning and manufacturing. Commissioning and maintenance. Sales and service. Electrical engineering training at HTL Bregenz is all about electronic, automatic control systems and electronic installations. Twenty-one-year-old Rebecca from Sulzberg chose this training – and has never regretted it.
The happiest memories from her schooldays were practical sessions in workshops and laboratories. Right from the start, the young woman found the automation of logistics systems particularly fascinating. So it was only a matter of time before she took the step of becoming an automation engineer at LTW.

Portrait of Rebecca Blank, Automation Engineer
LTW Intralogistics
What I particularly like about my job and my field of work, is that I can keep finding new solutions – and you feel a great sense of achievement when the system you have built runs smoothly.

Rebecca B., Automation Engineer

Rebecca's main task today is programming fully automated warehouse systems, and then putting them into operation. This does not just involve sitting in front of a PC, it also involves working with customers at their premises, on the construction site, for example: this is where systems and motors have to be maintained or commissioned, light barriers set up, and other safety precautions taken.
Rebecca knows that it is precisely this mix that makes the job so attractive, and she is happy that she can now make good use of the theory she learned at school.
But the best feeling of all is having to keep finding new solutions, because this project or that particular case has not yet been implemented. "This is our specialty at LTW – finding solutions where one has yet to be found!"
And when the system we have built starts working? Well, there is simply no better sense of achievement!