From diploma student to sales employee

Hannah is not only the youngest LTW member in our sales team, but also the only woman. A problem? She doesn't think so. Because at LTW, we are all equals and treat each other with the same respect, whether as a student or employee. And Hannah should know, because she wrote her thesis with us in 2022 and left college not only with a successful diploma, but also with a job offer in the bag.


Together with two classmates, Hannah was looking for a company that could provide optimal support for her thesis. As students of the HTL Dornbirn with a focus on logistics, the team chose the topic "Mobile high-bay warehouse". The perfect partner? LTW, of course! During their work, they came up with a concept of how to store goods in a mobile high-bay warehouse during a retrofit, for example. They were supported in their research by a customized LTW team of specialists from the sales, retrofit, and technical documentation departments. What impressed Hannah in particular? Despite availability problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the diploma students were supervised as best as possible by the LTW team. Although the regular meetings now mainly took place online, this did not diminish the support they received. The students knew that they could rely on LTW even in exceptional situations.

LTW Intralogistics
The mixture of business and technology made the logistics branch particularly interesting to me. However, I only realized how important and indispensable both logistics and intralogistics are in all of our lives during my training – and this became even more apparent during my work at LTW.

Hannah B., Sales Engineer

For the college students and LTW, the thesis turned out to be a complete success: not only was the thesis graded as "Very good", but two of the three graduates now work in our sales team. Hannah's job at LTW? During the sales phase, she supervises projects in the ERP system from the very beginning and can make the most of her organizational talent when creating the schedules. She has contact with a wide range of departments, which makes her work highly varied. She values LTW as an employer not only because she received a job offer during her training, but also because of the flat hierarchies: "Everyone is on a first-name basis here, which creates a very collegial relationship, but nevertheless the interaction is always respectful. I notice that especially as a newcomer and as the youngest in the team, I am never patronized or not taken seriously. I really appreciate that," says the 20-year-old. What advice does Hannah have for future diploma students? "Don't be intimidated by the world of work, but use the opportunity to gain exciting insights during your diploma thesis. And who knows, maybe you'll be like me and leave school not only with a successful diploma, but also with an attractive job offer."