Always on the ball

Kai is always focused on the task at hand, whether in his free time or at work. Born in Germany, Kai made the move to Vienna over a year ago with two main priorities: he wanted to continue working as a programmer, and he needed a club where he could pursue his passion. Luckily, his move to Vienna fulfilled both wishes.


Kai loves programming, but he also has a second passion—pétanque. What's that? Pétanque is a precision sport played with metal balls measuring 71 to 80 mm and weighing 650 to 800 g. The objective is to toss the metal balls from inside a circle and get them as close as possible to the target ball, or jack. Even in his interview, it soon became clear that Kai simply can't imagine life without the hobby he loves. He is now head of Austria's national team, so he is very busy outside of work as well. Which makes it all the more important that his employer supports him and understands his needs. Kai could tell LTW would be a good fit as soon as he attended the interview: "I felt confident right away during the interview. LTW understood which tasks would let me use my strengths and skills to best effect—which is not only motivating but also gives me a sense of security."

LTW Intralogistics
I know without a doubt that being a pétanque trainer helps me in my job. Because I have to be able to focus on what's in front of me, even if things aren't going so well. Not only do I have to be able to explain the finer technical points to both my teammates and customers, but most importantly I need the strength to make decisions and then stand by them too.

Kai K., Software Engineer

Kai has now been in charge of developing the Oracle-based warehouse management system (WMS) at our Vienna branch since February 2022. In addition to developing the front end and back end of the WMS, he is also responsible for defining processes and implementing the system. What does Kai find especially exciting? It's the moment when you have created something and it works exactly as it should in the end. He also likes being in an environment that feels like family: "Here at LTW, you feel seen and not just like a cog in a big machine!"
The 34-year-old's motto for life is that you don't need to know everything by heart, you just have to know where you can find the answer. And his search for solutions often takes him to his colleagues, who always support and motivate him.
We finished by asking Kai for his opinion on the main feature that sets LTW apart. He thinks it is the fact that we can offer our customers the hardware and the software to go with it from a single source—and we can only agree with him!