40 years of LTW

We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year! On August 14, 1981 LTW, at that time named “Lagertechnik Gesellschaft m. B. H.“ was mentioned for the first time in the Austrian commercial register. The initial managing director, Peter Malin, and a small team of experts tried to launch a brand within the industrial sector to sell and distribute stacker cranes. Due to fortunate circumstances, ties with TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL in Wiener Neustadt have been established very early in the company's history. The director of TRIUMPH at the time immediately recognized the potential and advantages of stacker cranes and learned to appreciate and love the qualities of LTWs stacker cranes. This forged partnership continued successfully over many years. Hence, not surprising that the first aisle changing stacker crane system, with LTW´s patented switch technology, was implemented at TRIUMPH – manually at this point of history. As an innovative company we followed the upcoming trend towards automation and implemented the first fully automated stacker cranes as early as 1986. Since then, our product portfolio has been steadily expanded to meet the high expectations of our customers. The next milestone was the successful employment of two warehouse management and control systems designed by LTW in the year of 1990. Shortly after, the first freezer warehouse was finished at Adolf DARBO AG in Tyrol.


The demand for tailored intralogistics solutions grew from year to year all over the world. We were able to keep up with this development and transitioned from a stacker crane supplier towards a full-service provider for intralogistics solutions. Today we are realizing fully automated high-bay warehouses globally and established a large number of unique products such as the “Carry” floor track system, the belt technology for stacker cranes, as well as the LTW warehouse management software. Nevertheless, we also expanded the area of after-sales ​​services we can offer our customers. With our Customer Care Center and our retrofit department, we can guarantee optimal support for our customers long after the initial commissioning. Due to the implementation of projects worldwide, not everything can still be coordinated and planned from the headquarters in Wolfurt. That is why we incorporated a permanent establishment in Germany, a branch in Austria (Vienna), and a subsidiary in the United States. As part of the Doppelmayr Group our components are manufactured according to the ropeway standard applied for passenger transportation. This was and remains one of the main quality features that distinguish LTW from the competition – and we are very proud of it.


The number of employees has grown steadily. While LTW started with 8 employees in 1982 we count 293 heads as of today –  223 of them in Vorarlberg. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 situation does not allow us to celebrate this anniversary extensively and that’s why we decided to celebrate 40 + 1 years of LTW next year. Despite the recent challenges, we are looking forward to a bright future. The last year has shown that we can create excellent solutions for our customers notwithstanding difficult framework conditions. We are constantly striving to expand our field of expertise to offer great value for our loyal customers. The goal is to carry on to position LTW Intralogistics strongly in the intralogistics sector, to grow steadily, and to continue to implement excellent intralogistics solutions.



40 years of LTW