Lager – heavier – wider


An Austrian material manufacturer approaches the LTW team with a very special request: He needs a fully automated high-bay warehouse to make the storage of his goods more efficient. He needs direct access to every single article. In addition, his stored goods require a maturing time under climate-controlled conditions, which requires an enormous amount of space.

The request itself is not a great challenge for LTW as a full-service provider for intralogistics solutions. But as it turns out, the requirements are something special: The goods to be stored are up to 31 m long and weigh up to 13,500 kg.



The most experienced LTW technicians gather and develop an unprecedented and previously unique solution. In order to be able to confirm the idea in practice, LTW builds an 80 m long and 5 m wide test setup together with the customer. The LTW team collects and evaluates findings on an area of about 400 m². Especially the departments of statics and automation engineering are facing a great challenge. LTW's great commitment has paid off - the customer is convinced and decides in favor of LTW as a full-range supplier despite other competitors. After intensive planning, project engineering and testing, the team succeeded in finding a unique solution.

LTW erects the first stacker crane with a push/pull device for this size of goods: It is composed of two stacker crane frames and carries a three-part lifting carriage with a total width of 31 meters. Including the payload of 13.5 tons, the total weight of the stacker crane is 80 tons.


After intensive planning and construction work, the project is completed after 18 months. At the beginning of 2020, the high-bay warehouse starts operations: The 31 m long goods are stored longitudinal single deep in about 600 storage locations. The customer is enthusiastic - he has expressed great compliments to LTW for the performance of the machines and the well-organized project management.

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