Logo creation

The history of our logo already started in the first years after the foundation of the company. The founder and managing director at that time, Peter Malin, independently developed the logo for Lagertechnik Wolfurt Gesellschaft mbH. He took the "D" from the logo of our mother company Doppelmayr, flipped it and put the LTW on it.


This logo was used until 2006, when we took another look at our company name. For this purpose, an employee survey was launched. This was about how our employees perceived the company and where they would like to see it in the future. This was followed by an intensive strategy process aimed at creating a new management structure. It was recognized that we were growing steadily and that being a full-service provider was becoming increasingly important. But not only that: the service portfolio as well as the radius of action have also steadily expanded. Therefore, a new company name was needed, which also corresponded to the international market.
On July 1, 2008, Lagertechnik Wolfurt Gesellschaft mbH officially became LTW Intralogistics GmbH.


In addition, a new claim was defined: Engineers of Flow. This is intended to underline the overall benefit of LTW systems: We not only supply components, but we stand for perfect material flow, smooth processes, precise timing, open communication as well as responsive service. In one word: Flow! The "Engineers" is intended to emphasize that we are already involved in the planning phase of projects.


Regarding the appearance of the new logo, it can be said that it is meant to reflect the flow. The dynamic slant as well as the flowing, round movements fit perfectly with the motto. The typeface itself was designed especially for us. The round character of the claim "Engineers of Flow" is intended to represent the smooth flow of materials. Here, too, the slanted position symbolizes the dynamic and technology, with the distinctive cuts of the crossbars passing on the dynamic to the next letter.