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Bremen, Germany

ZF Services

ZF Services is a leading global technology group for driveline and chassis technology, with 121 production companies in 26 countries. With around 75,000 employees, the group achieved a turnover of almost 17.4 billion euros in 2012. The entire product portfolio is geared to ensuring the performance and efficiency of vehicles throughout their life cycle. The driveline and chassis technology is commercially available under the established product brands of Sachs, Lemförder, Boge, and ZF Parts.

Portrait of Mascha Krauss, Logistics Planner ZF
ZF Services
LTW arranges long-term maintenance and repair for all the equipment. One system – one point of contact. This has worked very well so far.

Mascha Krauss, Logistics Planner

Portrait of Martin Könnecke, Maintenance Engineer ZF
ZF Services
It's a reciprocal learning process: LTW benefits from our observations of everyday operation – we gain insight into system components which we never dismantle ourselves during the year – knowledge is the only resource that is known to multiply by sharing. This principle is part of life at LTW.

Martin Könnecke, Maintenance Engineer


Conveyor system on two levels with storage and retrieval stations and order picking area on the ground floor including vertical lidts, lifting assistances, strapping machine and fire protection gates

When ZF Services starts the planning process for an automatic high-bay warehouse, future maintenance is already an important consideration, because as after-sales specialists themselves, they know all about the issue of customer service. A sustained increase in sales volume, as well as customer demands, also raise awareness of the risks of supply disruption at ZF. Not only that, but after 12 years of operating an automated small-parts warehouse, they have plenty of positive experience relating to preventive maintenance, performance, and running costs.

Maintenance job: LTW service technical and ZF maintenance engineer work together hand in hand at the stacker crane

During contract negotiations, it becomes obvious that the customer needs an all-inclusive maintenance agreement: a 24-hour hotline on six days a week, with a one-hour response time – and guaranteed availability of 99%. Well thought-out spare parts management is necessary to meet this difficult target. Synergies from an affiliated project, where LTW supplied six stacker cranes to the ZF headquarters in Schweinfurt, are of interest here.

LTW service technician performs maintenance on the stacker crane in the stable maintenance basket

Admittedly there is a distinct difference in the overall heights of the two logistics centers – 44 m in Schweinfurt and 12 m in Bremen – but LTW can nevertheless design many components that are suitable for both systems. This will allow critical spare parts, as well as the necessary know-how, to be quickly transferred between the two locations later on. Immediately before commissioning, an LTW training specialist teaches the six-strong ZF Services maintenance team about the system. The planned maintenance work follows a clear pattern: two weekends, twice a year.