The right tool for your logistics

Our software products impress with their high quality and flexibility. We combine sophisticated standard logistics software with modules that are individually tailored to the customer's needs. LTW takes care of the design, development, delivery, and optimization of your logistics software system. Implementation takes place in close cooperation with the customer, regardless of the industry, starting with warehouse management systems with comprehensive picking control, forklift guidance systems as well as material flow control systems for automated warehouses.
We score with our many years of experience and the know-how of over 500 successfully implemented software projects worldwide. With our multilingual software solutions, we offer you integrated business processes with optimized process controls as well as maximum transparency. Our systems can be used in complex manual warehouse operations as well as in automatic plants.


Portrait of Karl Kaufmann, Branch Office Manager / Sales Manager Software
LTW Intralogistics
We have the right tool for your intralogistics processes and can therefore help you to achieve quality-assured and optimized process control as well as transparent and consistent business processes.

Karl Kaufmann, Branch Office Manager / Sales Manager Software


Hermann Pfanner, Lauterach/AT & Enns/AT

  • Warehouse management and material flow system for managing the automated warehouse
  • Control of picking and shipping

Special feature: integration of various intralogistics suppliers
Additionally: Implementation of warehouse management and material flow system in Enns/AT

Raiffeisen Ware Ausria

  • Picking warehouse in Traun
  • Spare parts warehouse in Korneuburg
  • Seed warehouse in Lannach and Korneuburg
  • Warehouse management system, paperless picking, e-commerce processing, shipping and packaging control, SAP connectiction

Bombardier Transportation, Wien/AT

  • Warehouse control system and warehouse management system with storage location management
  • Control of transport orders from the SAP ERP for picking and production supply

Special feature: Short-term provision of material at the assembly workstation

Raiffeisenverband Salzburg, Bergheim/AT

  • Warehouse management system with retail orientation for optimum branch supply of the Raiffeisen warehouses

Special feature: Zero error tolerance

Kotányi, Wolkersdorf/AT

  • Warehouse management system with complex paperless picking control (e.g., multi-stage processes, pick-and-pack, layers, multi-folders)
  • Just-in-time supply for production

Special feature: Multi-stage batch management

Tilly Holzindustrie, Althofen/DE

  • Warehouse management system
  • Stacker control system for the production of 5.5 million m² natural wood pallets per year

Special feature: GPS control of industrial trucks

Schrack, Achau/AT

  • Warehouse management system with partial batch management, continuous paperless process control
  • Various picking types
  • Rollout of LTW software in more than 10 Schrack warehouse operations across Europe

Special feature: Needs-oriented and time-optimized picking control

Prefa Aluminiumprodukte, Wasungen/DE

  • Warehouse management system
  • Picking control
  • Control of replenishment and packing processes

Special feature: Optimum management of the diverse product range