Become part of the intralogistics solution

No matter whether you wish to gain your first work experience as part of a vacation internship or taster day, or you need the help of a company in writing your dissertation – our highly trained specialists will provide you with extensive support during your project, and will always be on hand to offer help and advice. You will be assigned a direct point of contact, with whom you can discuss your plans and concerns on an ongoing basis. We also offer guided company tours and we have experience of mentoring school groups. Our specialist departments work closely together to make sure your entry into the world of intralogistics is as interesting as possible. And so, as you can see, you'll be in good hands with us.

The internship was a great enrichment for us, as we were able to gain new experience and get a first impression of everyday working life as a software developer at LTW. LTW became our thesis supervisor through a personal contact.

Simon K.

We are very satisfied with the overall result and have received a lot of positive feedback. We are delighted that the project will also be used in practice.

Adam Ö.

The collaboration with LTW was very pleasant and uncomplicated. All the departments involved contributed to the design of the software and we had the constant advice of a UX/UI designer and an experienced software developer.

Lukas H.

Vacation internships

Are you keen to gain experience in the world of work? To find out what interests you and the areas in which you excel? Then you are in the right place! We award a few interesting summer internships every year. During these periods, we show you what it is like to work in a variety of different areas – from automation engineering, to mechanical design, to software, and so much more. You can apply for an internship from December 1 until the end of the semester break. Where? During this period, a link will appear here that will lead you to our application form. We look forward to hearing from you.


Each year, we supervise a number of dissertations, depending on capacity. The degree of inventiveness with which today's young people approach issues and solve problems never ceases to amaze us, while the sheer variety of dissertation topics is also truly inspiring. For example, we had one team that investigated whether high-bay warehouses would also be suitable for storing bicycles, and got to the bottom of whether mobile storage systems could solve the space problem that arises during a warehouse conversion. Another team recently developed an e-learning tool together with us, which is not only used by us internally now, but is already in use for customer training. What makes this type of project the biggest success for both parties? When students have enjoyed working with us so much that they begin working for us right after they graduate.

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Employees give insights

Hannah tells us how she made it from graduate to sales employee.
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Gaining insights into intralogistics

No matter what their age, we've made it our mission to give interested young people an insight into intralogistics. That's why we are often seen at various career days, such as the Vorarlberg "Chancentagen" and "Ich geh mit" events. Because interface-free material flows affect the everyday lives of all of us. We have also welcomed numerous school groups in the past and we always try to offer an interesting mix of experiences to our visitors. We complement our company presentation with a site visit to one of our customers or an insight into production at Doppelmayr.

With the "LTW Insights" program series, we also give Doppelmayr Group employees the opportunity to gain an exclusive insight into the fascinating world of intralogistics.